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Solving Summer Air Conditioning Issues

490207229Air conditioning issues can affect your comfort at home and raise the cost of indoor cooling. Learning to spot and solve some of the most common air conditioning problems will keep your air conditioner functioning more efficiently and eliminate the stress associated with summertime breakdowns. If you encounter an air conditioning issue you can’t solve on your own, don’t hesitate to call your residential air conditioning service for a speedy solution.

Drain Line Leaks

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as they cool it. Your unit should have a drain line that funnels this runoff outside your home, but drain line clogs are common without regular cleaning. If you notice standing water near your HVAC system, try using a wet/dry vacuum to remove any clogs via suction by attaching the hose to the drainage pipe as it exits your home, often near your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser. To keep the drain line clear, you can pour vinegar down the line to safely remove any buildup and reduce the chances of future clogs.

Poor Cooling

If your air conditioner doesn’t produce enough cooling to keep your home comfortable, several causes could be at fault. First, check the area around your outdoor condenser. Too much debris blocking this area can affect the unit’s cooling ability, so clear away any debris you do find and rinse off the unit to remove any dirt caught in the fins. Next, replace your air conditioner’s air filter—if the filter is old and clogged with debris, airflow will suffer and affect cooling function as well. Finally, check the insulation on the air conditioner’s outdoor refrigerant lines; without proper insulation, the refrigerant could be affected by the outdoor temperature, which will in turn reduce its cooling capacity.

If you’re having air conditioning problems in Tucson, please call B & J Refrigeration today at (520) 308-6722. We can help you solve your cooling issues quickly to restore home comfort and prevent unnecessary energy loss associated with poor A/C efficiency. You can learn more about keeping your home’s air conditioning functioning like new on our blog.

How Does Commercial Refrigeration Work?

Commercial Refrigerator

The advent of refrigeration has allowed businesses and homeowners alike to store foods and beverages for extended periods of time without spoilage. Commercial refrigeration keeps both prepared foods and meal ingredients cold by removing heat for convenience and safety purposes. Heat removal has been accomplished by various means over the years; keep reading to discover how modern commercial refrigeration systems work.

The Cooling Process

All refrigeration works via a principle called the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This principle states that when two objects of differing temperatures are brought close together, heat will always travel from the warmer object to the colder one. Using this principle, commercial refrigeration systems utilize a refrigerant solution to transfer heat from the food inside the refrigeration unit’s storage area to the refrigerant. Refrigerant solutions obey a second physical principle, which states that gases cool as they expand and heat up as they are compressed. While cycling through the refrigeration system, the refrigerant is sent through a series of pressure changes to improve the efficiency and speed with which it removes heat from the refrigerated space to keep it cold.

The Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the key to the success of modern commercial refrigeration systems. In the past, Freon was the most common refrigerant found in both air conditioning units and refrigerators. However, Freon was found to damage the Earth’s ozone layer, causing an increase in solar radiation reaching the planet’s surface and changes in the global climate. Currently, Freon is being phased out of use in the United States, while other refrigerants, such as tetrafluoroethane, are taking its place to continually improve the efficiency and eco-friendliness of modern refrigeration systems.

At B & J Refrigeration, commercial refrigeration is our specialty. We can help you with all your refrigeration and air conditioning needs for greater comfort, convenience, and energy savings in Tucson. You can reach us today by calling (520) 308-6722, or stop by our website to check out our services and online blog.

Building More Efficient Duct Systems for Home Heating and Cooling

ventilation pipe

Efficient heating and cooling save money by requiring less fuel to condition indoor air, thus lowering the cost of your monthly utility bills. Central heating and air conditioning systems require a series of ducts, through which conditioned air is blown into living and working spaces to adjust the indoor temperature. A more efficient duct system means lower heating and cooling losses for greater temperature control and smaller bills.

Strong Connections

Every duct system contains joints that connect one length of ductwork to the next. These joints are typically the first places where air leaks develop, often due to poor initial installation or deterioration of the connections over time. Making sure that all duct joints are well sealed with high-quality products during installation or repair will prevent the loss of heated or cooled air from your ducts before it can reach its final destination.

Smart Layout

The layout of your ductwork can play a role in its efficiency. Ductwork that is overly complicated or long will raise the cost of heating and cooling your space, while also increasing the likelihood of leaks due to a larger number of joints and connections. Implementing a smart and efficient initial layout is the best way to ensure your heating and cooling bills stay low while your indoor comfort remains high.

Proper Insulation

Ducts traveling through uninsulated areas are subject to heat transfer, which affects the temperature of the air inside them. It’s important to consider adding insulation in areas through which your ductwork to prevent heat transfer from occurring and keep air at the proper temperature as it travels throughout your ducts.

If you are planning a new construction project in Tucson, B & J Refrigeration can help you lay out and design an efficient duct system to save money and improve indoor comfort. We will work with your architect or contractor throughout your project to ensure you receive the highest quality of service and the cost-effective air conditioning system you want. Please call (520) 308-6722 or visit our website to reach us for more information.

Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

Man inspecting air conditioning unit

The Tucson summer is rapidly approaching, which means now is the time to make sure your air conditioner is up for the job of keeping you cool throughout the season. Use this guide to figure out how to prepare your unit before the scorching temperatures start making it uncomfortable in your home:

Get New Filters

You should change the filters in your air conditioner once every three months to keep them from getting clogged. When too much dirt and debris gets stuck in the filter, the unit cannot run as efficiently, which could increase your cooling costs. You might want to change the filter every month during the summer to keep the unit operating as effectively as possible.

Clean the Outside of the Unit

The part of your air conditioner that stands outside your home is very vulnerable to dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris that could cause problems with the unit. Before you start to use the air conditioner for the season, you should head outside and clean off the exterior of your unit to make sure it will work as efficiently as possible. You might want to check on the exterior of the unit a few times during the summer to make sure it still looks clear.

Call for Professional Maintenance

It is always a good idea to request a professional service visit before you start to use your air conditioner. They can look at the interior of the system to make sure there are no problems with the unit that might keep you from comfortably cooling your home during the summer.

B&J Refrigeration is your answer to everything related to cooling in Tucson. Whether you want to get your unit checkout before summer or you need to install a completely new air conditioner, we are here for you. To learn more about our services and how we can keep you cool this summer, visit us online or call (520) 308-6722.

A Look at How HVAC Systems Work

Air Conditioning Repair

Your HVAC system is responsible for heating and cooling your home or office. In order to get the best usage out of this system, you have to have at least a basic understanding of how it works. Keep reading to learn more about your HVAC system and the way it functions:

It Circulates Air

The HVAC system is able to keep your home cool by pulling the warm air into the unit and spitting it back out at a much cooler temperature. The blower moves the air throughout the entire house until it actually cools the interior temperature. The HVAC unit uses an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor to change the temperature of the air and to send it back out into the home.

It Relies on the Evaporator, the Condenser, and the Compressor

The evaporator is a cold indoor coil. It is the part of the system that actually cools down the air. The condenser is a hot coil that sends the hot air back outside. The condenser is a pump that circulates the heat transfer fluid from the evaporator to the condenser and back. All three of these parts must function properly to keep the HVAC system functioning at its best.

It Cleans the Air

One of the most important elements of the HVAC system is the filter. The filter is in place to catch any dirt, dust, pollen, or other debris that might circulate through the unit. Not only does this help the unit function at its best, but it also keeps the air inside your home cleaner. You can even find heavy-duty filters that get rid of allergens.

Keep your HVAC system running strong with the help of B&J Refrigeration. Our talented team understands how HVAC systems work so they can help you get the most out of your system. If you need air conditioning service or want to learn about installing a new system, we can help. Call (520) 308-6722 to learn more about our services.

A Look at Some Common Air Conditioner Problems

AC-UnitWhen you live in Tucson, the air conditioner is a must-have feature that helps you make it through the summer. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common air conditioner problems and what you can do to fix them.


If there is a leak somewhere in your unit, it can have a negative effect on the temperature inside your home. When there is a leak, the unit cannot get as much coolant as it needs to function properly. Adding more coolant will not help the problem until you can find and repair the leak. If you notice that your unit is not functioning as well as it normally does, you should call a repair company to come to your home to see if there is a leak.

Lack of Maintenance

It is very important to perform routine maintenance on your unit that ensures it runs as efficiently as possible. Change the filters once every three months so the air can circulate throughout the unit and keep your home as cool as possible. If the air pressure does not seem to be as strong, you might want to check the filters to make sure they are clear.

Electrical Issues

Electrical controls are responsible for powering the compressor and the fans. If you use your unit frequently, these electronic controls might stop functioning and prevent at least one part of the unit from working the way it should. Call a repair company to come to your home and check on your electric controls.

Sensor Problems

If there is an issue with your sensor, the air conditioner will not be able to determine the temperature of the room and might stop working right. A professional repair team can look at the sensor and make sure it is working the way it should.

If you are having problems with your air conditioner, B&J Refrigeration is here to help. As one of the top cooling companies in Tucson, we know what it takes to make sure your air conditioner works efficiently. To learn more, call (520) 308-6722.

Reasons to Schedule HVAC Services During Your Spring Cleaning Procedure

156534187Your HVAC system works hard throughout the year to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature. When you schedule your HVAC services to coincide with your yearly spring-cleaning ritual, it helps you ensure the unit functions at its best. Read on to find out why you should schedule your next HVAC service while you do your spring cleaning.

You Can Find Problems before You Need the System for the Summer

One of the most important reasons to check the HVAC system during the spring is to ensure that it will work for you when you really need it in the summer. After you use the heating system in the winter, you should schedule a professional team to come out and look at your system to ensure that everything is in working order.

It Makes It Easy to Remember to Get Service

If you make your HVAC service a part of your spring-cleaning routine, it will become a habit that you always remember to do. Yearly service is an important aspect of keeping your unit functioning at its best. If you do it at the same time every year, you will have no trouble remembering to get it done.

You Can Get Your Filters Changed

Routinely changing the filters in your HVAC system helps you extend its life and get the most use out of the unit. When the HVAC techs come to take a look at your unit this spring, ask them to change the filters. This keeps the unit functioning properly and makes it easier to keep dirt and dust out of the air.

B&J Refrigeration is one of the top heating and cooling companies in Tucson. We offer both commercial and residential air conditioning services to help you stay cool all summer long. We can also handle your commercial refrigeration needs and help you through a new construction project. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (520) 308-6722.


Your Guide to Choosing a New Air Conditioner

ThinkstockPhotos-178441128When you live and work in Tucson, an air conditioner becomes a lifeline. If your current air conditioner is no longer living up to the challenge of life in the desert, you can use the following tips to choose a unit that will do the most to meet your needs.

Opt for the Central Air Conditioner

If your current unit consists of separate room air conditioners, now is the time to upgrade to a central system. Central air conditioners are more energy-efficient and help you keep the building cooler without using more energy. They are hidden out of sight and do not make a lot of noise. Once the air conditioner is installed, you will probably forget that it is even there.

Find the Right Size

Another way to ensure that you get optimal energy efficiency is to choose the right size unit for your building. If your air conditioner is too big for your space, it will not take the humidity out of the air. If the unit is too small for the space, it will require much more energy to keep your interior at a comfortable temperature. Work with your air conditioning service company to find the best size for your needs.

Include a Programmable Thermostat

ThinkstockPhotos-104507784Adding a programmable thermostat to your new air conditioner helps you get the most energy efficiency. If you can set the unit to warm up while you are away from home, it makes it much easier to avoid overusing the air conditioner when you do not need it to keep your interior as cool.

Whether you need a new air conditioner or you just need your current unit serviced, B&J Refrigeration is here for you. Our entire company believes in the importance of honesty and integrity so we can always offer you the services that you need. Since 1970, we have perfected the art of heating and cooling services throughout the Tucson area. To learn more about our services or to schedule a maintenance visit, check out our website or call (520) 308-6722.



Choosing the Right HVAC Products

GettyImages_490852505HVAC systems are available with a wide variety of options, from traditional furnaces and central air conditioners to heat pumps and ductless cooling systems. With so many options to choose from, a little knowledge can go a long way when it’s time to replace or upgrade your home comfort system. Talking with your Tucson air conditioning expert can provide you with the personalized information and advice you need to make the best decision for your home.


The first step in purchasing a new air conditioner is determining the type of technology you want to use. Traditional central air conditioning uses ductwork to transfer cooled air throughout your space. If you don’t have ductwork in place, you can install it or opt for a ductless mini-split system, which can serve several rooms in your home at once without the need for ducts. Alternatively, heat pumps offer both cooling and heating via a single appliance; these systems can be installed with or without ducts.


HVAC appliances are available with a range of heating and cooling capacities—it’s important to choose a system with a capacity that matches the square footage of your home. Installing a system that is over- or under-powered will reduce its heating and cooling efficiency, causing a drop in home comfort and a rise in your energy bills.


Efficiency is another important factor to consider when choosing an HVAC system. There are a number of HVAC terms that describe a given system’s heating and cooling efficiency; talk to your HVAC service expert for more details about these terms and what they mean. It’s best to choose a new system with the highest efficiency you can afford to enjoy continued energy efficiency and savings throughout the lifetime of your appliances.

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your commercial or residential HVAC system, B&J Refrigeration is here to help. We specialize in refrigeration and air conditioning services in the Tucson area; please call (520) 308-6722 or contact us online for a free estimate to upgrade your air conditioning.


Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

GettyImages_55877689You rely on your air conditioning in Tucson during hot summer weather to keep your home cool, comfortable, and healthy. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your air conditioner is not only ready to deliver cool air, but functioning at peak efficiency for maximum savings as well.

More Efficient Cooling

Over time, your air conditioner loses efficiency due to dirt and dust buildup, as well as normal wear and tear. A yearly tune-up is necessary to address these issues, restoring your air conditioner to like-new condition and spotting problems that could lead to a breakdown if they are not addressed. Your air conditioner can lose up to five percent efficiency for every year it is not serviced, quickly unnecessarily increasing the cost of cooling your home.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance is also a positive step toward cleaner indoor air. When your air conditioner is dirty or your furnace filter needs to be changed, more dirt, dust, pollen, and animal dander can circulate through your home. Keeping your air conditioner maintained means keeping it and your filter clean, which will reduce the amount of airborne particles in your home for healthier air, particularly if you or a family member suffers from asthma or allergies.

Longer-Lasting HVAC System

Maintaining your air conditioner means keeping it in working order for a longer period of time. Although all HVAC equipment will wear out and require replacement eventually, neglect is one of the largest reasons for premature replacement. By scheduling regular maintenance to keep your home’s cooling system in top shape, you will get the most out of your air conditioner and ensure it serves out its full functional lifetime.

You can reach B&J Refrigeration for air conditioning service in Tucson by calling (520) 308-6722 today. We can help you maintain, repair, or upgrade your air conditioner so you’ll enjoy maximum comfort at minimum cost. You can find out more about the residential and commercial products and services we offer by clicking through our comprehensive website.