How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

86544098For most of the year, Tucson homeowners are primarily concerned with the condition of their air conditioning unit. As the colder months begin to approach, however, you shouldn’t neglect the state of your furnace. Desert winters can be surprisingly tough, and you’ll thank yourself later for taking the necessary steps to prepare your home furnace for the cold season.

Replace your air filter. You should replace your air filter at least every three months, and every month during periods of heavy use. Air filters can quickly become clogged with dust and debris, which reduces the effectiveness of your furnace. It’s a good idea to stock up on spare air filters well before winter. You should also make sure that the area immediately around your furnace and all of your air ducts are clear of any obstructions.

Clean your air vents. Dust buildup inside your vents can also keep your furnace from operating at full capacity. You can clean your air vents and ducts yourself, using a screwdriver to remove and replace the covers. However, a professional cleaning company may be able to do a more thorough job, and they will also be able to check for mold.

Have your furnace inspected. Finally, you should have your furnace checked by an HVAC professional around the beginning of the cold season. This will allow you to head off any problems that have developed, so that you can depend on having reliable heating for your home when the temperature begins to drop.

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