Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Keep Your Heating and Cooling System from Losing Air Through Leaky Ductwork.  Insure Maximum System Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills!

Recommended by Energy Star and the Department of Energy

B & J Refrigeration Inc. — Heating, and Cooling offers Aeroseal duct sealing to seal leaky air ducts. 

The biggest expense from your system is not exceptional hot and cold days, it is the regular daily use of your heating and cooling system and how much of the “work” of your system is lost to leaky ducts, old windows, and poor insulation.

Duct sealing utilizes a modern and environmentally friendly strategy for repairing leaks in the ductwork in your home or office.  The Aeroseal process encapsulates the ductwork and pressurizes the duct with a material that fills holes, gaps, and other places where energy is lost.  It seals the ductwork from the inside out!   Duct sealing can reduce leakage in the home upwards of 85% and deliver immediate energy savings and enhanced comfort.

Contact one of our comfort consultants for more information on Aeroseal and find out why Energy Star recommends it as a highly cost-effective method to significantly increase heating and cooling efficiency, better comfort, and cost savings to your home or office.


B & J travels throughout Southern Arizona to meet our customers’ needs.  Whatever your need, our team of Aeroseal specialists offers our decades of expertise that is just a phone call away.

To request an Aeroseal appointment, please call us at 520-355-4857 to schedule a technician to come to your home or business.

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