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We specialize in Boilers and Chillers. What you will need to know…

From large commercial boilers and chillers to the smaller systems for your residence, B & J Refrigeration Inc. – Heating and Cooling is one of only a few companies in Southern Arizona that can provide you with the knowledge and expertise in boiler and chiller systems. Our team of trained service technicians and comfort consultants are experienced in repairs, on-going maintenance, and installation.

Why wait until the temperature in your home or business is uncomfortable? It is a well-known fact that a proactive approach to scheduling regular maintenance of your system costs far less than waiting until your boiler or chiller is not working correctly.

B & J also maintains specialty chillers such as glycol chillers. Preventive maintenance services for your boiler or chiller can be customized to your needs and as often as necessary to maintain top equipment performance.

When you choose B & J to install, repair, or maintain you boiler and chiller system, you can be assured that service will be performed by a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced North American Trade Excellence (N.A.T.E) certified technician who takes pride in their work. We would not accept any less!

We will respect you, your comfort, your property, your time, and your intelligence. Our customers come first and deserve the best, and our team will always work to exceed your expectations.

To learn more about the advantages of a boiler or chiller system, or to request an appointment, please call us at 520-355-4857 to schedule a technician to come to your home or business. 24-hour Emergency Service is always available. Simply choose the “emergency” option to speak to a live person who can dispatch a technician to you.

B & J Refrigeration Inc. – Heating & Cooling remains committed to be your expert refrigeration, heating, and cooling company in Southern Arizona!


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