Evap – Swamp Cooler

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Evaporative cooling has been a mainstay of comfort in the hot, dry desert for decades.  It works by using the energy in air to affect a phase transition of water.  The net effect is air that is sensibly cooler.

The equipment used to deliver evaporatively cooled air is generally less expensive, and easier to maintain than equipment used for air conditioning.  Evaporative cooling is not a closed air circuit.  Coolers use outside air delivered in your home by means of a motor and a rotating centrifugal fan.  You, therefore, do not need return air ducting.

Evaporative cooling adds moisture to the air, which can be beneficial for people who suffer from dry skin.  In this manner, using evaporative cooling adds comfort to your home in multiple ways.

A drawback would be the lack of air filtration, something that is a key component of air conditioning, especially in the dusty Arizona desert.  Generally, the less expensive operation and the ease of use and maintenance you gain with evaporative cooling outweighs the drawbacks of dustier air.

You should also remember that evaporative cooling works best with dry air.  During the monsoon, dewpoints are higher, and the air is wetter.  Evaporative cooling is not as effective in those climate conditions, which unfortunately occur in some of the hottest months.

B & J comfort consultants can help you weigh the pros and cons of evaporative cooling, and help you decide if that is the method that would work best for you and your comfort needs.

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