Solving Summer Air Conditioning Issues

490207229Air conditioning issues can affect your comfort at home and raise the cost of indoor cooling. Learning to spot and solve some of the most common air conditioning problems will keep your air conditioner functioning more efficiently and eliminate the stress associated with summertime breakdowns. If you encounter an air conditioning issue you can’t solve on your own, don’t hesitate to call your residential air conditioning service for a speedy solution.

Drain Line Leaks

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as they cool it. Your unit should have a drain line that funnels this runoff outside your home, but drain line clogs are common without regular cleaning. If you notice standing water near your HVAC system, try using a wet/dry vacuum to remove any clogs via suction by attaching the hose to the drainage pipe as it exits your home, often near your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser. To keep the drain line clear, you can pour vinegar down the line to safely remove any buildup and reduce the chances of future clogs.

Poor Cooling

If your air conditioner doesn’t produce enough cooling to keep your home comfortable, several causes could be at fault. First, check the area around your outdoor condenser. Too much debris blocking this area can affect the unit’s cooling ability, so clear away any debris you do find and rinse off the unit to remove any dirt caught in the fins. Next, replace your air conditioner’s air filter—if the filter is old and clogged with debris, airflow will suffer and affect cooling function as well. Finally, check the insulation on the air conditioner’s outdoor refrigerant lines; without proper insulation, the refrigerant could be affected by the outdoor temperature, which will in turn reduce its cooling capacity.

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